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Coach's Appreciation Program

Overcome your toughest workouts and busiest days


  • Must be a current coach, instructor, or trainer in the fitness community
  • Instruction can be conducted online or in-person (social media and online training programs included)
  • Our coach’s program is to reward coaches who are either interested in wearing, or already wear FLEO to improve their workouts and everyday lives.

Easy As

1, 2, 3

1) Complete registration link below

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3) Happy shopping, confident coaching!

To all the coaches

Here at FLEO, we recognize that coaches like you are at the core of countless fitness journeys.

We want to support you and say thank you by giving you access to high quality workout apparel, for less. Our clothing designs and fabrics go above and beyond all-day wear.

We promise to provide functionality, durability, and comfort for your toughest workouts and busiest days.