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Up close with the collection!

The Collection

The FLEO x Katie Crewe collection combines the dependability of all your favorite FLEO fits with the energy and charm of Katie Crewe.

Introducing the exclusive Katie Crewe hues: Scuba Blue and Aqua Splash, releasing in four sports bras, three shorts and two leggings. This bold and bright collection is sure to elevate your training.


Strength Evolution

"Fitness completely changed for me when I started focusing on the performance aspects of fitness, listening to my body, and doing things that make me feel good. Strength to me isn’t slapping a specific amount of weight on a bar but overcoming my own fears of not being strong enough, good enough, capable enough; putting my head down, doing the work, and proving myself wrong."

"I feel so privileged that I’ve carved out a little space for myself in this industry and can encourage other women to reach their potential and feel more confident. I speak from experience that that confidence translates to other parts of your life."

- Katie Crewe