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Super leggings for mighty muscles.

Our leggings are made with the athlete in mind. We offer three different lengths as well as fabrics that support you through your training and into your rest days.

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We carefully designed our leggings to be performance driven & fit like a second skin. These are made to be the perfect legging for everyday of your training. From strength and conditioning to weekend adventures, El Toro leggings have you covered.



• 21" -- Crop length, ankle legging on athletes 5' 2" and under

• 25" -- Standard length, ankle legging on athletes 5' 4"- 5'7"

• 28" -- Full length offering for long legged athletes!


Bounce: Soft and springy

  • Romey: Soft and supportive

Silky Silk: Sleek and speedy



"I have been waiting to buy another pair of El Toro FOREVER because I wasn't sure how the different fabrics felt. I had an original pair of green Bounce El Toro's but oh man I LOVE these and the Romey fabric is amazing. Its super soft and the coverage is great. It makes everything look super smooth and sleek while providing a lot of support. I want all the colors! I wear the same size in all El Toro fabrics and I wear the same size in El Toro as I do in shorts"

Stephanie L.

"The Silky Silk are my favorite El Toro's! They aren't as thick as the others and I think offer a little more support and are more breathable, if you live in a warmer climate this style is for you!"

Britni H.

"FLEO has been my favorite go to active wear for years now. The shorts are so comfy and always reliable. The El Toros however, they exceed the boundaries of legging comfort. I hate to wear leggings or pants in general, leg prisons, even in winter and I live in the Midwest! But these are so comfortable. I’ve bought them as gifts for family and friends many times and recommend them to all my friends, fitness fanatics or professional Couch potato, they all love them. The secret is in the seamless waist. You know, the spot that creates a muffin top even on a skeleton, yeah not these babies. Comfort city. The Romey's are fantastic. Silky Silks are good too, but the Bounce originals were my ultimate favorite with Romey a close second. Get them. You won’t regret it.

Chelsey S.

Hey. You Look Good.


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