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Babs King, Founder: What Does FLEO Stand For?

Have you ever ripped apart your workout apparel to see how much abuse it can withstand? Or perhaps see how it was made? What stitches are the strongest while maintaining a buttery soft feel? I found the answers to these questions the old fashion way. I stretched butt seams until they ripped doing squats. I used my favorite tool, a seam ripper, to deconstruct every pair of shorts I could get my hands on. I started FLEO with the goal to make the best pair of women's shorts.

The first pair of FLEOs were created at my kitchen table at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. I was inspired to create something that showed off strong, muscular, athletic legs. I wanted my creation to match the body confidence of women who own their curves. I started the old fashioned way (with a modern twist) by self-teaching sewing via YouTube. I focused on tight-fitting spandex shorts, most commonly referred to as “booty shorts”. I wanted a more versatile short for a wider range of body types- with multiple inseam lengths, different styles, and various amounts of coverage. FLEO’s fit was married with my love of bold prints, eye catching colors, and un-compromised fabric quality.

I frequently get asked the question: "What does FLEO stand for?”. The truth is, FLEO is not an acronym for anything. It represents a feeling I had during my creative process. I was determined to make better performing workout apparel specifically for women. The FLEO lady is fearless. Fearless in her strength, confidence, and fun. She is free.

Today, FLEO’s fit and spandex expertise are applied to numerous styles in multiple clothing categories. FLEO's emphasis on strong, athletic women will always be at the forefront of what we do. The FLEO sisterhood is here to support you, empower you, and of course: make you look good. We curate the highest performance fabrics and bring colors to life in support of an avid, fun loving community. We take pride in offering a wide variety of fits in every color under the sun.

Our Mission.

At FLEO, our purpose is to represent real fitness. There are no photoshopped waists or proportions here- only hard work, and strong, happy legs. We believe that bold performance requires bold apparel. That’s why we have made every color under the sun- you can dress your style up or down and always feel confident. The FLEO community is full of meaningful people who do big things. Together, we are creating a new generation of strength training for women.

Babs King FLEO Founder CEO

Babs King, Founder and CEO:

"Our community is united by women who seek more. From getting the most out of every training session to chasing their dreams around the globe, we are creating a new generation of strong."