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FLEO Rewards Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Do rewards points expire?

A: No, points do not expire! The tier (i.e. Franklin, Lennon, Emery) is determined by how many approved points are EARNED in the last twelve months (not current point level). Annual date is determined from time of account set up. Timeline for earned points resets each year.

+ Why are my Birthday points not showing up in my account?

A: Make sure you have added your Birthday to the rewards account. If you go to the rewards widget where it says “Earn Points”, click on Happy Birthday and it will allow you to add your birthday. Those will be automatically added on your birthday every year.

+ How much will I get off at checkout if I redeem 1500 points?

A: Every 100 points earned = $1 off at checkout. So, if you are redeeming 1500 points you will receive $15 off at checkout.

+ Do I get points for purchasing a FLEO giftcard?

A: Yes, you will recieve points on a gift card purchase. Please note, purchases made with a gift card will not recieve points.

+ Can I return an order that I redeemed points on?

A: Yes, you can return for store credit or a refund for the amount paid. Please note, redeemed points will not be reissued if a return is made.

+ I just made a purchase. Why cant I see my points?

A: Rewards points have a 21 day pending period before being approved. This is to ensue that no returns are made from the purchase. If there is a return the points will be adjusted automatically.

+ Can I use my coaches appreciation discount on purchases with rewards redemption?

A: No, discount codes cannot be combined. If you decide to redeem rewards points on an order for $ off, the coaches discount will drop off at checkout.

+ I used the reward slider at checkout and decided not to purchase, but it still took away my points.  What can i do? 

A: Log into your rewards account. You should see your rewards voucher under redeemed rewards. Once you click on the voucher a discount code will appear. The code is good for one use and will not expire.

+ Im am checking out on mobile but cannot see the rewards slider. Am i doing something wrong?

A: When checking out on mobile this will look different. Go the the checkout page and at the top click "Show order summary". You will see a drop down that will allow you to select how many points for $ off you would like to use!