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Meet day jitters? Same, girl. I can’t say they ever go away, but I can give you some easy tips to make your day a little smoother!

1. Make a checklist: The week of my meet, I like to start a checklist of all the things I’ll need to pack the night before. My equipment, chalk, baby powder, headphones, snacks, water, and anything else you can think of! By the end of the week, I know I have a master list of everything I need to pack, and don’t have to stress about forgetting anything. Grab this one for an easy digital printable checklist!

2. Snacks (my favorite part!): To keep your body energized and fueled during this exhausting day, you’ll need to focus on consuming fast-digesting foods (mostly carbs - YAY!)

3. Music: I always listen to music during my training sessions. It really motivates me and keeps me in the zone. Something I love to do in preparation for meet day is make a playlist of song recommendations from my friends and family that will keep my energy boosted during warm ups and in between attempts. Even if they couldn’t be there to hype me up on the platform, our playlist is still helping me crush those big lifts!

4. Practice visualization: This is so important to me. Before every attempt take a minute to visualize the entire lift - putting on your belt, taking your breath, bracing, and MOVING THAT BAR! Visualizing makes me feel so much more in control and confident on the platform because technically I’ve already done it, right? (Even if it was only in my mind.)

5. Wear something cute: Meet morning is hectic and filled with nerves, but as soon as I put on my FLEO singlet I am ready to go. Wearing a brand that was made to represent strong and powerful women fuels the confidence I need to step up on that platform and achieve my goals!

Julia Prigl, June 2022