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Why are you grateful for your Body? Make a list.

Before I started powerlifting, I could probably write two, maybe three bullets. I wanted to look a certain way, wear the right clothes, and have a six pack. To me, it was always about how my body “looked” and not what it could “do”. Two years later as a competitive powerlifter with four New York State records, not a day goes by that I don’t feel proud of and grateful for my body.

I transitioned from CrossFit to powerlifting in 2020, and after two quick months of experimenting with powerlifting training, I decided to sign up for my first meet (pro-tip: you’ll never be “ready” for your first meet, so just do it!). Shopping for powerlifting equipment was overwhelming with a million options for knee sleeves, shoes, and singlets. I tried on so many singlets and was not happy with how they looked or how they felt. Days were drawing closer to my meet, nerves were elevated, and I decided to order a FLEO singlet. My package came, and as soon as I tried it on, I felt platform ready. Finally - a singlet that was flattering and comfortable (I swear you could sleep in that thing!). The excitement was REAL for my first meet.

Nine lifts and eight hours later, I officially made it through my first ever powerlifting meet. I had never felt as strong or as powerful as I did on that platform, and I knew my journey in this sport was just beginning. My FLEO singlet symbolized that who the f%!* cares if I don’t have a six pack or can’t fit into size 0 jeans??? I just CRUSHED heavy weights on that platform, something my body worked months for, and she delivered! Being strong has never looked this good. Your first meet (and every meet after that) is such a life changing experience, so don’t forget to wear something cute. ;)

Julia Prigl, June 2022